Minor concerns – appointment reviews

Minor concerns could cover anything from tweaks needed to the programme; not always communicating in a clear or timely way; or support needed to complete awards or challenge badges.

Appointment Reviews
A/R formInformal reviewFormal reviewNew leader
Minor concernsGreater concerns
New GSLLarge teams
Experienced leader

Leaving a roleUseful tips

The issue may have been raised previously and so the next step would be to arrange an informal review (catch-up). This is an opportunity to discuss concerns and agree a way forward. The action to be taken should have agreed timelines and a process to monitor progress.

Possible actions to take:

  • Further support or resources, eg: administration, funds, equipment, volunteers, etc.
  • Training – including online courses.
  • Information, eg: websites, Policy, Organisation & Rules (PO&R), etc.
  • Networking with other Groups.

If these minor concerns continue and are impacting on the quality and safety of Scouting being delivered the next step should be a formal review.

How to get involved

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