Youth Shaped Programme

The more young people are involved in shaping their Scouting experiences the more they will get out of it, and the more likely they are to stay, do well and achieve their top awards.

Youth Shaped Scouting is all about young people working in partnership with adults in Scouting, allowing young people to speak up, be heard, and work towards something they are passionate about.

We want every young person to shape their own adventure, take on responsibility, develop skills, make decisions and influence their Scouting programme and experience.

Berkshire Scouts
Youth Shaped Activity Pack

Youth Shaped Scouting is simple and is important for young people to have a say in their Scouting.

Our County Youth Commissioners have produced an activity pack to support youth shaped programme ideas. Within this resource you can find a range of different activities suitable for all sections. Activities range from five minute games to fundraising and charity events! Other ideas and resources can also be found within the pack which can be downloaded using the link below, as well as ‘printer friendly’ version.

Berkshire Scouts Youth Shaped Activity Pack (Colour)

Berkshire Scouts Youth Shaped Activity Pack (Printer Friendly)

Youth Shaped Scouting Workshop

James and Rachel have gained feedback from many Leaders from around the County that they would like to know more about Youth Shaped Scouting. With support from each of the District Youth Commissioners, an informal training session has been put together to answer any questions Leaders may have on Youth Shaped Scouting. 

This session, can be run by either James, Rachel, or any of our fantastic District Youth Commissioners. It is 20 minute session, so can fit perfectly into an evening meeting, or event. It covers what Youth Shaped Scouting is, why it is important, examples of how easy it is and ideas into how to overcome any barriers. It can also be changed and altered to fit any other concerns you and your Leader team may have!

If this is something you would like James, Rachel or our District Youth Commissioners to run at a meeting or event then please get in contact with your County Youth Commissioners!

Activity ideas!

The activities from the successful ’12 Days of Scoutmas’ are saved below. Some of the activities are good for all year and the Christmas activities can be adapted! Please share your activities so we can extend the list. Send your activity ideas to: County Youth Commissioners

01Activity tree
02Christmas drawing game
03Pointless activities!
04Christmas bingo
05Scoutmas Christmas quiz
07Christmas Creationary
08Melted snowman biscuits
09Tin can alley
10Burst the bubble!
11A simple vote
12Youth Shaped activity pack

For further information or enquiries:
Contact County Youth Commissioners

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