County Executive Committee

The County Executive Committee (CEC) exists to support the County Commissioner in meeting the responsibilities of their appointment – POR Rule 5.16(f).

CEC Meetings

CEC Meetings take place on the first Tuesday (8pm) of September; November; January ; March; May; and June.

The AGM (at which members are elected and nominated to the CEC) usually takes place early July.

A ‘call for papers’ is made three weeks prior to a CEC Meeting. Papers and agenda items must be submitted at least one week before the Meeting via the County Administrator. Papers will be available in the CEC ‘collect box’ one week before the Meeting.

For general enquires for the CEC please contact:
County Chair

County funds

The County manages a number of funds for specific purposes. We encourage these funds to be used for their purposes.

External funding

In recent years, the County has benefited from the support of a Summer Intern from the University of Reading who worked to compile this page and the database of external funding.

Recruiting trustees

The Recruiting trustees page provides information, resources (including a video) and tips for trustee recruitment. 

How to get involved

Register interest in volunteering or join our youth programme