Developing even better Scouting in Berkshire for even more young people, through Growth and Volunteering Development.


The Berkshire Growth Team are keen to support a wide range of projects within Groups and Districts. Support is available through the Growth Forum and can be through the involvement of our Local Development Officers (Carly Brims & Kelly Fricker) (LDOs) or through a number of other teams and individuals.

We have seen continued growth across our county with new sections and groups opening, enabling more young people and volunteers to join and experience the adventure.

As a county, we want to ensure that we continue this growth. With the support of our LDOs, we use the following tools to support you to open new Groups and sections:

  • Project plans – outlining the project, responsibilities and timelines.
  • School assemblies – work with schools to engage and excite the young people about Scouting.
  • Flyers – using the Print Centre, create flyers inviting the young people and their families to an open evening.
  • Spread the word in the community via social media and local community centres.
  • Open evenings – present the positives of Scouting to the parents and explain the volunteer journey.
  • Communication with potential volunteers.
  • 4 week challenge – parents get involved for four weeks and ‘give it a go’.
  • Funding – if you open up a new section, county will contribute £1,000 or £1,500 (see attached document). If you are in an area of deprivation (1–4 index of multiple deprivation decile) The Scout Association will donate £1000 too. To check if your Group is eligible for the additional Scout HQ funding, click here.

We believe that Scouting changes lives, which is why we want every young person in the UK to have the opportunity to get involved. By growing Scouting we can achieve this together.

Want to grow your Group or find out more please get in touch for a chat. The Growth Team are keen to hear from you if you have an idea, would like to get involved, or would like to get some support.

For further information and enquiries:
contact our Local Development Officers (Carly Brims & Kelly Fricker)

Volunteering development

The role of Volunteering Development Officer (VDO) is a new one for Berkshire Scouts, and has grown from the success of employing staff to grow Scouting (through our Local Development Officer) and provide administrative support (through our County Administrator).

An area we are passionate to develop further is the support available to our volunteers, right from recruiting volunteers, through into making sure the first few months go smoothly, making sure training and support is positive and relevant, volunteer managers are supported to undertake their roles, and that we value and reward volunteers appropriately.

Current Volunteering Development Officer projects include:

This is an exciting time, with lots of plans for our VDO role and the team at large. Watch this space!

How to get involved

Register interest in volunteering or join our youth programme