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Scouting across Berkshire is supported by an extended network of volunteer managers. Information about their responsibilities is included below. 

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If you are unsure who to contact in the first instance, feel free to contact the County Administrator who will be able to direct your enquiry:
County Administrator – Karen Thurlow

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County Team

County Management Team

Nigel Bevan, County Lead Volunteer. Nigel is the lead volunteer for Scouting in Berkshire. He sets the strategic vision and direction for our work by leading the County Team, the County Executive Committee and the District Commissioners.
County Lead Volunteer – Nigel Bevan

Pete Jeffreys, Deputy County Commissioner (DCC). Pete leads our work on growth and development, marketing and communications. He line manages our Local Development Officers and Volunteering Development Officer.
DCC – Pete Jeffreys

Simon Pickett, Deputy County Commissioner (DCC Programme). Simon leads the support teams for our youth programme. Through Assistant County Commissioners, Assistant District Commissioners and others, Simon and his team provide support to help volunteers in Sections to deliver high quality programmes to young people.
DCC Programme – Simon Pickett

James Mulligan, Deputy County Commissioner (DCC Volunteer Journey). James leads this new role to seek to influence and co-ordinate aspects, where possible, of the volunteer journey. It will involve exploring ways to simplify all processes, such that volunteers feel valued and genuinely supported.
DCC Volunteer Journey – James Mulligan

Frank Cselik, County Training Manager (CTM). Frank leads the adult training team who manage, support and deliver the training process to adults across Berkshire.
CTM – Frank Cselik

County Youth Commissioners (CYCs). Youth Commissioners are a key advocate for the involvement of young people’s voices to shape Scouting across Berkshire. They work closely with the County Team to ensure our activities are youth shaped, and work with District Commissioners to appoint and support District Youth Commissioners.
County Youth Commissioners

Mick Stocks, Appointments Advisory Committee (AAC) Chair. Mick provides wide-ranging advice and support to the County Team on a range of projects. He also line manages our County Administrator.
AAC Chair – Mick Stocks

Ian Aitken, Chair of Tustees. Ian leads the County Trustee Board in managing the finance, reputation and risk of the organisation.
Chair of Trustees – Ian Aitken

County Office Staff

Karen Thurlow, County Administrator (CA). Karen is responsible for coordinating a wide range of activities including First Response training, and Activity Permits. Karen leads on the production of our regular email newsletters to adult members, and on support to Appointments Chairs and Secretaries.
CA – Karen Thurlow

Becky Eytle, Volunteering Development Officer (VDO). Becky leads a number of projects aimed at improving the experience of our adult volunteers. She is currently focused on the Induction Process, and GSL Induction. Becky also works proactively to advertise volunteer vacancies and handle enquiries from prospective volunteers.
VDO – Becky Eytle

Carly Brims and Kelly Fricker, Local Development Officers (LDOs): Carly and Kelly work with Districts and Groups to grow the number of young people in Scouting. This is through helping to recruit into existing Sections, as well as opening new provision.
LDOs – Carly Brims and Kelly Fricker

County Team

Ian May, ACC International. Ian leads our support for international projects such as World Scout Jamborees, Uganda 2024, and WINGS. He is also active in supporting Sections and Group to go abroad as part of their programme. He line manages our Local Development Officers.
ACC International – Ian May

Bob Meldrum, ACC Activities. Bob supports volunteers to include adventurous activities as a part of their programme, by supporting a number of Active Support Units and operating the Adventurous Activity Permit Scheme.
ACC Activities – Bob Meldrum

Kirsty Aldridge, Assistant County Commissioner for Beaver Scouts
ACC Beavers – Kirsty Aldridge

Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) Cubs
DCC Programme – Simon Pickett

Andrew Sutherland, Assistant County Commissioner for Scouts
ACC Scouts – Andrew Sutherland

Phill Wood, Assistant County Commissioner (ACC) Explorers
ACC Explorers – Phill Wood

County Youth Commissioners
County Youth Commissioners – Conor Chippendale, Raul Hira & Xavier Davis

Adult Training Team

County Training Manager (CTM) – Frank Cselik
Deputy County Training Manager (DCTM) – Kris McCabe

Kennet District
Local Training Administrator – Carolyn Evans

Loddon District
Local Training Administrator – Jane Moore

Maidenhead District
Local Training Manager – Erica Hunter

Pang Valley District
Local Training Manager – Jeff Howman
Local Training Administrator – Karen Shenton

Reading Central District
Deputy County Training Manager – Kris McCabe

Slough District
Local Training Administrator – Sarah Ainsworth

South Berkshire District
Local Training Manager – Suzanne Johnson
Local Training Administrator – Eric Johnson

South East Berkshire District
Local Training Manager – Penny Fox

Taceham Hundred District
Local Training Manager – Sandra Bailey
Local Training Administrator – Carolyn Evans

Windsor and Eton District
Local Training Administrator – Wendy Allum

Wokingham District
Local Training Manager – Doug Walrond

County Trustee Board

Ian Aitken, Chair of Trustees. Ian leads the County Trustee Board in managing the finance, reputation and risk of the organisation.
Chair of Trustees – Ian Aitken

Karan Mehra, County Treasurer. Karan manages and monitors all aspects of county finances. Karan is supported by a Finance & Risk sub-committee.
County Treasurer – Karan Mehra

Ex-officio members
County Lead Volunteer – Nigel Bevan
County Treasurer – Karan Mehra
County Youth Commissioner – Conor Chippendale

Elected members
Robin Kent, Ian May & Andy Williamson

Nominated members:
Megan Currie, Stuart Ford & Simon Pickett

Co-opted members
Moya Taylor (Manager, Safety ASU)

Minutes Secretary:
Emily Goodyear

District Lead Volunteers

LoddonGeoff Barnes & Jenny Lamprell

KennetConor O’Neill

MaidenheadRob Harris

Pang ValleyWill Arslett & Vince Knight

Reading CentralTony Phillips & Alison Ritchie

SloughIan Goldswain, Mark Ashworth & Harrison Saunders

South BerkshireGraeme Thompson, Phill Wood & Pam Pearce

South East BerkshireAlex Sizeland & Hilary Crofton

Taceham HundredTrevor Glue

Windsor and EtonStuart Ford

WokinghamNeil Graham

How to get involved

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