Malawi 2024

Malawi 2024 (Project Africa) is a Berkshire Scouts international community project and global awareness programme. Put simply: young people supporting young people!

Volunteering with Joshua in Malawi

The video shows the kind of experience that Berkshire Scouts can look forward to . . .

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Latest news – general

Report Back date confirmed (Sunday 13 October)

Click here for Bulletin 11 (February).

FAQs (v1.1) added to the key resources table below.

Online shop open for business!

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Berkshire Scouts has set up a JustGiving page to help fund all the central projects. If you have friends and other contacts that might be willing to contribute to the projects, please share this link.

Latest news – participants

Stage 5 payment (£600) due 30 March 2024.

Latest news – leaders

Stage 5 payment due 30 March 2024.

Click here for a recording of the recce briefing (14 August 2023).

Malawi 2024 online shop

The online shop is open for business! Click this link to visit the shop. Goods in the shop include clothing, bags, etc, as well as the opportunity to ‘buy a brick and help build a better life in Malawi’.

World Travel Market & Malawi

Three members of the leader team travelled to the World Travel Market show in London to broaden our Malawian knowledge! We met with the company that will be supporting us with our in country logistics, and made plenty of other useful contacts along the way!

September training weekend

The main purpose of the first training weekend was for participants and leaders to spend time getting to know each other. Working together will be key to delivering projects and getting the most out of the Malawi adventure.

Scouts enjoyed a busy weekend programme by taking part in activity bases which included: health & hygiene; fundraising; African crafts; hiking trail; team building games; and desert survival!

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The Republic of Malawi has an approximate population of 20 million people. The country is famed as the ‘warm heart of Africa’ for good reason: Malawi is known for its happy people, beautiful landscapes, and rich culture

Malawi stretches about 520 miles (840 km) from north to south and varies in width from 5 to 100 miles (10 to 160 km). Lake Malawi covers a fifth of the country.

Projects in Malawi will be very similar to those completed in the three previous visits to Uganda. The projects will take place in villages approximately 30–40 minutes from the second city of Blantyre. The in-country partner supporting projects is Joshua. We are also exploring a rest and recreation base near the town of Zomba.

Joshua is a British charity working in the Blantyre area of Malawi. Established in 1998, the charity believes ‘in giving children the best possible start in life through Early Child Development work’.

Top awards and Malawi 2024

Download the ‘top awards guidance’ document to see how participating in Malawi 2024 can support you in achieving elements of your badges and awards. It is important that you let your section leaders know what you would like to achieve so that they can support you and record your achievements along the way. 

Stage payments

stage paymentsdue date
Deposit£45021 July 2023
Stage 2£60030 September
Stage 3£60030 November
Stage 4£60030 January 2024
Stage 5£60030 March
Balance£90030 May
An invoice will be sent for each stage payment

Key dates

Key dates2023
Day training/activity14 May
Participant/Parent/Leader webinar3 July
Recce to Malawi29 July – 6 August
1st training weekend15–17 September
Participant/Parent/Leader webinar13 November
Leader Briefing26 November
Participant/Parent/Leader webinar26 February
2nd training weekend22–24 March
Leader Briefing12 May
final training weekend21–23 June
group 1 flight outward (depart LHR)27 July
group 2 flight outward (depart LHR)29 July
group 1 return (arrive LHR)16 August
group 2 return (arrive LHR) 17 August
Report Back13 October

Key resources, documents, and links

Scout Overseas Travel Insurance (documents x3) below:
1 Policy documentclick here
2 Insurance Product Information documentclick here
3 Summary policy extensionclick here
Personal kit listclick here
Online Shopclick here
FAQs (v1.1)click here
Bulletin 1 (April 2023)click here
Bulletin 2 (May 2023)click here
Bulletin 3 (July 2023)click here
Bulletin 4 (August 2023) – recce reportclick here
Bulletin 5 (September 2023) – join-in programmesclick here
Bulletin 6 (October 2023) – top awardsclick here
Bulletin 7 (October 2023) – flight specialclick here
Bulletin 8 (November 2023) – youth shaped; insurance; online shopclick here
Bulletin 9 (Decmber 2023) – Christmas editionclick here
Bulletin 10 (January 2024) – New year editionclick here
Bulletin 11 (February 2024) – Getting to know Malawi; FAQs; Welfareclick here
Malawi 2024 Terms & Conditions v6click here
Project Africa logo (high res)click here
Project Africa logo (low res / screen)click here
Malawi 2024 logo (high res)click here
Malawi 2024 logo (low res / screen)click here
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Facebook page (Malawi 2024 public)click here
Facebook page (Malawi 2024 group only)click here
Facebook page (Project Africa)click here
Project Africa journey (video)click here
Participant/Parent/Leader webinar (recording) – July 2023click here
Participant/Parent/Leader webinar (recording) – November 2023click here
Participants (14–18 years)
Funding letter (template to verify participation in Malawi 2024)click here
Funding support document click here
Top awards guidanceclick here
Leader Bulletin 1 (May 2023)click here
Recording of recce briefing for leader team (14 August 2023)click here
Leader time off letter (for employer)click here

Project Africa journey

Malawi 2024 will be similar in format to previous visits to Uganda and these can be seen by visiting Project Africa . . . the journey as well as seeing the linked Global Awareness Programme (including the Project Africa Challenge Badge). See also video below.

For further information or enquiries:
Contact: Simon Pickett, Deputy County Commissioner (Programme)

How to get involved

Register interest in volunteering or join our youth programme