The Trustee page provides resources and links to support all Trustees in providing good governance through Trustee Boards. The source of information is support from County for Trustees as well as from The Scout Association. Trustees should be aware the information below is subject to change, especially with the forthcoming ‘Transformation’.

Trustee Boards supervise administration of Groups, Districts and County, particularly around finance, risk, safety, and trusteeship of property. Everyone on the Trustee Board takes on the responsibilities of a charity trustee; they act collectively and in the interests of the members of Scouts locally.

Useful resources . . .

Transformation (‘Executives’ to ‘Trustee Boards’) – a workshop presentation
Moving to Trustee Boards – HQ link
Transforming our volunteer experience – HQ link
Governance support videos – HQ link
County video (aimed at Chairs of Trustees)
Safety – a workshop presentation
Property – presentation provided by Connecting Communities in Berkshire
Group AGM template
District AGM template
Recruitment of trustees – a workshop presentation
Volunteering to be a trustee – County web page link
Trustee basics – HQ link
Support for claiming gift aid – County web page link
Module 1 – Essential information – HQ link
Property support event – County web page link
Connecting Communities in Berkshire (Berkshire Scouts is a member)

Frequently asked questions . . .

Will trustee team descriptions and updated Chair and Treasurer role descriptions be provided?There will be one ‘Trustee Board Team Description’ which will cover Groups, Districts and Counties. Specific tasks for Chair and Treasurer roles will be included within here, but many tasks conventionally done by these roles can already be done by other trustees, or will be undertaken as part of the ‘support function’.
Can Scout Groups start moving forward towards the new arrangements?Executive Committees can start planning for the changes. If Executive Committees are faithful to current arrangements the changes will not feel too big!
See slides 8 & 9 (‘Transformation’ presentation).
Other Transformation queriesContact our Transformation lead (Pete Jeffreys, Deputy County Commissioner).
Charitable statusEach Scout Group or Scout District is a separate charity. This is the case whether or not they are a registered charity.
For Scout Groups that are not a registered charity The Scout Association can provide a letter confirming charitable status. Contact: [email protected]
See sample letter
Being a trusteeTrustee introduction (HQ); Trustee basics (HQ); Trustee roles and responsibilities (HQ).
Will the Group Lead Volunteer (GSL) be a member of the Trustee Board?Yes, but if there are multiple Lead Volunteers, then only one of them will be able to use the ex-officio position as a trustee.
Will the Group Lead Volunteer (GSL) nominate the Group Chair?Yes, and will remain their line manager.
Will there be provision for the Sponsoring Authority representative to attend and will they be a Trustee?Yes.
How long should a trustee serve?With the exception of ex-officios (who serve for as long as they’re in that role), other trustees are only ever appointed for a maximum of a year until the next AGM, when the Scout Council chooses a new Trustee Board.
The Charity Commission advice states ‘Your charity’s governing document may say how long trustee appointments should last, and whether trustees can be reappointed after their term ends. Otherwise there are no set limits’.
If a Scout Group is a registered charity they should check that their objectives on the Charity Commission website are up-to-dateIt is important to keep the Charity Commission website up-to-date.
Note: A Scout Group reported at one stage their objectives still referred to ‘instructing boys’!
Charitable objectivesIt is one of the responsibilities of trustees to ensure the activities of the charity are consistent with its objectives – see above.
Registering trustee names
(Charity Commission)
Groups that are a registered charity need to ensure they update the names of all their trustees on the Charity Commission website after their AGM.
This applies to co-opted members as well as ex-officio, elected, and nominated members.
All Groups, Districts and Counties need to make sure Compass is also updated after each AGM – adding/closing roles, including DBS check for anyone not already on Compass with a disclosure check.
Right of attendance The County Commissioner, District Commissioner, and District Chair, have the right of attendance at Group Executive Committee and sub-committee Meetings.
They use this attendance as a means of support, but it doesn’t make them responsible for the actions of the Group.
Request for sample Scout Group risk registerclick here for sample.
Request for County risk registerclick here for the template used by the County Trustee Board.
Information on the OSM accountancy toolOSM web page and video
External fundingCounty web page / HQ web page
Bank accounts and signatoriesA reminder that all Scout related accounts must have two signatories for transactions (usually from three or more signatures) and that personal accounts must not be used.
Scout Group Trustee ChecklistClick here for guidance provided by the County.
Safety ASUSee Safety web page (County).
Advice on property, eg: lease and rent agreementsBerkshire Scouts is a subscriber to Connecting Communities in Berkshire (CCB). Click here to make contact with BCC.
See also the PowerPoint presentation provided by CCB for the Trustee Workshop.
Recruiting trusteesRecruiting trustees (County); Recruiting new trustees (HQ).
Trustee role descriptionTrustee role description (HQ).
Getting startedGetting started training: Executive Committee (County).
Executive CommitteesGuidance and support for new trustees: Executive Committees (HQ).
Support for building websites and marketingWebsite support; media support
Diversity on Trustee BoardsContact our Volunteer Development Officer for support.
Do Scout Groups have to use Unity Insurance Services?HQ and the County use Unity Insurance Services as they have a lot of Scouting specific knowledge and experience. Unity is owned by the The Scout Association and all the profits are returned to the movement. However, Scouting insurance does not have to be done via Unity and other brokers can be used. 
What insurance cover does The Scout Association provide?Details of insurance cover provided for Scout Groups and members can be found on the Unity Insurance Services website or phone 03450 407 702.
The Scout Association provides protection for liability claims made against members or Groups and medical expenses that are a result of a Scouting activity. It also provides protection for all Scout management committees and trustees.
Districts and Groups should seriously consider obtaining additional Personal Accident and Medical Expenses Cover for their non-member adult helpers and supporters, this provides non-members with the same level of cover as members should they have an accident.
From 1 December 2022, non-member children are automatically covered by The Scout Association’s policy, giving them the same cover as children who are members. 

Trustee Snippets

Trustee Snippets is an occasional bulletin with news and links to support trustees.

October 2022Managers & trustees in Scouting (HQ); Scout Group trustee checklist (County); action following your AGM – new trustees; public liability insurance; charitable status; expenses incurred by volunteers; hire/rental agreements
July 2022Announcing the Trustee Workshop
March 2022Looking forward to your AGM; managers & trustees in Scouting (HQ); Scout Group trustee checklist (County); join NCVO; county funds; annual report and accounts; retention of financial records; changes to insurance (non-member children and climbing activities)

For further information:
Contact Chair of County Trustees – Ian Aitken

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