County funds

The County manages a number of funds for specific purposes. Berkshire Groups and Districts are encouraged to make use of these funds.

Details of each fund are outlined below.
Contact for further information.

Berkshire Covid Recovery Fund

This new fund comprises grants for the following:

  • financial help for Groups that did not receive the Government Retail Hospitality & Leisure grants (ie: those Groups that do not own their HQs). The criteria being:
    • that Groups were not eligible for the Retail Hospitality & Leisure grants;
    • that Groups are registered for and have applied for Gift Aid monies;
    • that Groups do charge average membership subscriptions (as across the County) – where this is not the case a reduced tapering of the grant will apply. This does not apply for those Groups in the more deprived areas of the County (IMDs 1 to 4) who will not have a reduced grant due to lower than average subscriptions;
    • that Groups have been trying, where possible, to do fundraising – but we accept the difficulty of doing this this during the last two years.
  • exceptional financial help for those Groups who did receive these grants but now have precarious finances;
  • financial support for those Groups who have had to rent alternative accommodation at additional cost;
  • financial support to subsidise new members from disadvantaged backgrounds who would not normally engage with Scouting – this could be through partnering with other charities in imaginative schemes;
  • financial support for individuals in need in conjunction with Groups and Districts.

In all cases above copies of your last two years accounts will be required to demonstrate that this has been a difficult period financially for the Group.


  • for those Groups who were not eligible for the Retail Hospitality & Leisure grant, we will contact you towards the end of February after census is completed to discuss your eligibility. Grants will be between £1,500 and £4,000 dependant on Group size. The application form is online.
  • for all other categories above please email to apply and start the discussion on what you might need.

Activity Permits Fund

The purpose of this fund is to assist in the cost of gaining permits in adventurous activities. Anyone carrying out training for activity permits will now receive 75% of their costs – increased from 50%.

Contact for further information.

Growth Fund

Grants for new Scout Troops and Explorer Units is increased to £1,500. Grants for new Cub Packs, Beaver Colonies and Squirrels remains at £1,000. Kim Williams (our Local Development Officer) will arrange this on the opening of new sections.

Additional Needs Fund

This includes grants for improving physical building access; provision of portable equipment; ramps; wheelchairs; induction loop systems; play equipment and similar items; and mobility or other equipment in order that individuals can participate in Scouting activities.

Changes to this fund criteria include financial support to those Groups who have young people with additional needs where there are additional costs involved. Contact for further information.

Michael Nightingale Community Fund

This fund provides support to Groups and Units who wish to undertake activities which will make a positive impact in the community that the Group or Unit is based. Contact for further information.

Friends of Berkshire Scouting Fund

This fund supports exciting and innovative projects and initiatives from within the county, whether at Group, District, or County level, that would not normally be funded from existing local budgets. Contact for further information.

How to get involved

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