Join-in programme

The Berkshire Scouts Join-in programme is provided to support sections in engaging in the international aspects of Scouting at weekly section Meetings. The join-in programme also links to recent and forthcoming county international activities/events as well as other global issues.

Berkshire Scouts Join-in badge

A Join-in badge will be awarded to all individuals within a section providing four different world areas/issues or county international activities/events (see below) are featured in full evening programmes. For example, a section may deliver an evening programme per month to cover four world areas/issues over a four-month period or more.

The programme can be face-to-face or online, or a blend of both.

255 badges have been issued across 9 sections.
Congratulations to the following sections on achieving the award:
5th Woodley (Cubs)
1st Arborfield (Beavers, Cubs)
1st Cookham (Scouts)
19th Maidenhead (Beavers, Cubs, Scouts)
1st Lower Earley (Beavers)
3rd Chieveley (Beavers)

Programme ideas:
international activities
(including county activities/events)

Below are ideas to kick-start your programme but it is encouraged that sections also plan and deliver their own programme content.

The list below is a summary of activities/events for starters! The Join-in badge criteria document provides more details and tips on how to include the activities/events in your evening programmes. Download here.

Uganda – AfricaInternational community projects
Project Africa Challenge BadgeYoung people supporting young people
24th World Scout Jamboree – USA Unlock a new world
25th World Scout Jamboree – South KoreaDraw your dream
16th World Scout Moot – PortugalEngage with us!
JOTA-JOTIBringing the world together
Race round the WorldAn epic, virtual challenge to raise funds for the Scout Groups hit hardest by COVID-19
Your international programmeYour theme

The following links may also be helpful:

Other badges and awards

The Join-in programme also encourages sections to look at the criteria for international badges and awards and top awards so these awards can be gained alongside the Join-in badge.

One of your four international programmes for the Join-in Challenge Badge (or activities from the Project Africa Challenge Badge) can also be used towards completing the international Scouting part of the Berkshire Scouts @home Challenge Badge.

Plan an evening programme to help with plastic pollution awareness

Claiming Join-in badges

To claim your Join-in badges, simply send us some evidence on how your section has met the Join-in criteria – we would love to see your photographs. Note: photographs may be used on this web page to share ideas with others. Evidence, with number of badges required, should be sent to:
Join-in programme team

Join-in badge criteria

A Berkshire Scouts Join-in criteria document explains the Join-in programme in more detail and also gives some programme ideas/themes.

Join-in gallery

The images below show just a few of the photographs submitted by sections that have taken part in Join-in activities.

For further information and enquiries:
Contact: Join-in programme team

How to get involved

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