Document store

The list below are documents which are county processes, procedures, policies, and resources. Districts and Groups are welcome to adapt the documents for local use.

If Districts or Groups require a Word version of any of the documents please contact the County Office:
County Administrator – Karen Thurlow

1.01   Summary and index

1.02   Financial controls
1.03   Purchase cards
1.04   blank
1.05   Purchasing
1.06   Investments
1.07   Reserves
1.08   Expenses
1.09   Finance approvers
1.10   Expenses claims form
1.11   Leader funding (events/activities) – Roger King International Fund

1.20   County plan 2018–19
1.21   Approval of events-activities
1.22   Events-activities checklist
1.23   County AAC guidelines
1.24   Data Protection policy
1.25   Register of Data Processors
1.26   Privacy statement

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