Document store

In the table below are documents which are county processes, procedures, policies, guidelines, and resources. Districts and Groups are welcome to adapt the Word documents for local use.

1.02Financial controls.pdf.doc
1.03Purchase cards (02/24).pdf.doc
1.05Purchasing (02/04).pdf.doc
1.06Investments (02/24).pdf.docx
1.07Reserves (09/23).pdf.docx
1.08Expenses (09/23).pdf.doc
1.09Finance approvers.pdf.doc
1.10Expenses claims form.xlsx
1.11Roger King International Fund (09/23).pdf
1.12Michael Nightingale Fund (02/23).pdf
1.13New Section Fund (02/23).pdf
1.14Activity Permit Fund (04/23).pdf
1.15Special Needs Fund (02/23).pdf
1.16Friends of Berkshire Scouting Fund (02/23).pdf
2.02Approval of events/activities (06/20).pdf.docx
2.03Events/activities Checklist (line managers) (06/20).pdf.docx
2.04CAAC guidelines (09/20).pdf.doc
2.05Data Protection policy.pdf.docx
2.06Register of Data Processors.pdf.docx
2.07Privacy statement.pdf.docx
2.08Events/activities Approval (summary).pdf.docx
2.09Email etiquette.pdf
2.10Adult Awards process.pdf
2.11Event Treasurer guidelines (05/20).pdf.docx
2.12Offsetting carbon footprints (events/activities) (03/20).pdf.docx
3Districts and Groups
3.01District AGM template (11/22).pdf.docx
3.02Group AGM template (11/22).pdf.docx
3.03Group Trustee checklist (09/21).pdf
3.04District Activity Approval template (05/20).docx

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