Wood Badge Training

A Wood Badge is the recognition that a leader or manager has completed the required training for their role. A Training Adviser (TA) can validate your competence in each of the required areas based on evidence from previous experience or activities in Scouting, or advise on what additional learning you may need in order to complete the validations.

For more information on training and validation of leadership roles please see here.

As an adult volunteer you have options around what leadership appointment you want to have, with how much training, and how that training can be completed. For details please see here.

Full details of the training available are on The Scout Association website here.

Agreeing a Personal Learning Plan

Before your appointment is confirmed as full, you will work with a TA to define a plan that allows you to achieve the Wood Badge taking into account your past experiences in Scouting, your job, or other voluntary work you have done. This will lay out:

  • what modules you can validate and how;
  • what courses, e-learning or workbooks you may need to do to enable you to complete the validation for the Wood Badge.

Learning by courses

We have two options for learning depending on which suits you better:
Harmonised Learning is great if you are new to Scouting and need learning for most of the modules. It condenses 14 of the 15 modules into two different weekends of training called HL1 and HL2 (Module 10 [First Aid] is trained separately). Once you have validated Getting Started (Modules 1, 2 and 3) and agreed with your TA what training you need to do, simply book online below or contact the County Administrator at 0118 978 8292.

What can I expect?

A non-residential course over two weekends. Our experienced and friendly team of trainers and facilitators will give you the learning you need to validate all the modules in a fun, interactive environment. You will meet lots of other leaders from all Sections to share ideas and build your Scouting network. By attending the whole course you cover all the modules and can then validate your learning working with your TA. 

Participant comments:

I enjoyed the weekend and learnt a lot. Great taking away a lot of useful information. Thank you very much for everything. A great weekend overall and lots to learn from. Good learning + a bit of a laugh.  Very informative – great start to my Wood Badge training. Thanks. Good start to my training, enjoyed the weekend, thank you! 

Modular courses are more suitable if you only need learning for a few modules, especially if you have a lot of previous relevant experience, or if you cannot attend the weekend training sessions.

Click here for modules that can be done online or through self-study workbooks. These allow you to study at your own pace at a time convenient to you.

For County Evening Workshops please see the County Diary or Search for individual training courses run in Berkshire

Validating your learning

Validation is the documentation of your competence in each of the modules by a TA, based on evidence from previous experience or activities in Scouting. Your TA will answer your questions and advise what you need to do to validate modules. If you don’t have a TA, please ask your Group Scout Leader or line manager to make sure you have one.

What can I expect?

  • Help and support from your TA to choose the modules appropriate for your role and in validating them;
  • a module can be validated by evidence of your relevant prior experience – for example at work or from another organisation;
  • a module can be validated by agreeing with your TA activities you will complete as part of your normal Scouting role and a report back;
  • learning on courses is not necessary for any module if you can demonstrate your prior knowledge and ability to validate the module without it;
  • while it’s best to keep in touch with your own TA, if needed any TA can validate any module.

How can I provide evidence for validation?

  • Discussion with your TA, in person or by ‘phone/Skype or similar;
  • a report from an observer about an activity you completed – this can be written, e-mail, or verbal;
  • paperwork such as programme plans, letters to parents, instructions for activities, risk assessments, notes from activities or meetings, etc;
  • photographs or videos of a validation activity;
  • obtaining a qualification, such as a First Aid certificate or Nights Away permit;
  • completing a questionnaire;
  • a visit from a TA to see you carrying out an activity;
  • presentations to adults or young people in Scouting.

If you have any questions about validation please contact your TA, Local Training Manager, or Administrator from our contacts page here, or the County Training Manager at ctm@berkshirescouts.org.uk.

Each module of your Personal Learning Plan needs to be validated, even if you are using your prior experience without additional learning. The validation requirements for each module are detailed in the Adult’s Personal File for Section Leaders

Your TA will work with you to help you meet these validation requirements.

Your contact details, appointments and Personal Learning Plan will be saved on your profile on Compass

How to get involved

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