Malawi 2024 fundraising

Fundraising for a project such as Malawi 2024 is very much part of the overall experience and helps provide skills for life! This web page is dedicated to providing information, support, and sharing ideas for both individual and central project fundraising.

Fundraising guidance for participants

Click here for fundraising guidance that will help you plan your fundraising campaign.

100 fundraising ideas

Download this alphabetical ordered list of 100 fundraising ideas created specially for Malawi 2024. The list is provided to help mainly with individual and small group fundraising.

Fundraising for central projects
(JustGiving page)

Berkshire Scouts has set up a JustGiving page to help fund all the central projects. If you have friends and other contacts that might be willing to contribute to the projects, please share the following link:

Fundraising support letter
& information document

Click here for a Word template document that can be adapted and used to verify you are a participant in Malawi 2024 (Project Africa).

Click here for a general information document on Malawi 2024 which may be helpful in setting up funding applications.

Central fundraising for projects

A small team (co-ordinated through the County Office) is approaching Trusts and charities to fundraise for central projects, ie: to meet building and refurbishment costs. The team is briefed to avoid local trusts and charities in order not to conflict with individual participant fundraising.

How to get involved

Register interest in volunteering or join our youth programme