First Response training

The Scout Association has announced updates to the First Response training module. Under the new training guidelines the Refresher course is no longer available, all volunteers must therefore complete the full six hours of training to renew the First Response certificate.

Until face-to-face Scouting is back to normal (green) it is not possible to deliver the six hour First Response training in a single session. In order to meet the training demands of our volunteers and allow Scouting to be delivered safely we have adopted The Scout Association’s First Response ‘blended model’.

The ‘blended model’ splits the training into three sections (two theory modules that can be completed online plus a short face-to-face practical session). First Response is now validated in Compass as two modules: Module 10A (Theory) and Module 10B (Practical), both modules must be validated to gain the full First Response certificate.

Module 10A – Theory 1 (online course)

(delivered via Hampshire Scouts)

Click this link for the e-learning session – complete the enrolment and follow the online instructions for the (approx) two hours e-learning session. The course can be completed in sections and saved. On completion of all sections, submit the form (selecting ‘Berkshire’) so your progress can be recorded by our County Administrator. 

Module 10A – Theory 2 (via Zoom)

(delivered by Berkshire Scouts trainers)

Complete an interactive online session with a First Response trainer (via Zoom). Courses can be booked via the Training Diary.

On completion of First Response Theory 1 and 2, Module 10A will be validated on Compass.

Module 10B – Practical

(delivered by Berkshire Scouts trainers)

Volunteers to attend a short face-to-face practical session (approx 30 minutes) to validate the practical elements of the training. This will include CPR (rescue breaths not required at this time), recovery position, and the opportunity to discuss with the trainer anything you are unsure about. The length of the course and the number of participants are limited to maintain a Covid safe training environment. Module 10A (parts 1 and 2) must be completed prior to attending this training.

Courses can be booked via the Training Diary.

On completion, Module 10B will be validated on Compass and a full First Response certificate issued. This will be valid for three years.

If you have any queries regarding the above process, including the six months extension, please contact:
County Administrator

The following table is a summary of the ‘blended model’:

Theory 1Requirede-learningLink to e-learning session
(approx two hours)
Theory 2RequiredZoom theory
(with FR trainer) 
Book via Training Diary
PracticalRequiredPracticalBook via Training Diary

The Scout Association are allowing members an extension to their existing first aid expiry date, lasting for six months after we reach green readiness level. All expired First Response certificates must be renewed within six months of the return to green readiness level. Once we reach green readiness level we aim to offer the full six hour First Response course alongside the blended training model.

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