Managing a large team – appointment reviews

In Groups with a large number of sections, performing appointment reviews for all the leaders can be a time consuming task. Sharing reviews with Assistant Group Scout Leaders (AGSLs) can ensure reviews are completed in a timely manner and that volunteers get the support they require.

Appointment Reviews
A/R formInformal reviewFormal reviewNew leader
Minor concernsGreater concerns
New GSLLarge teams
Experienced leader

Leaving a roleUseful tips

Note that, particularly in larger Groups, the Group Scout Leader cannot realistically undertake all Appointment Reviews. Therefore, the Group Scout leader is able to delegate appropriately within the Group’s ‘management team’ although the conclusion of such Reviews must be agreed with the Group Scout Leader as part of the Review process.

POR The Appointments Process 5(i)

The section above doesn’t restrict the delegation of appointment reviews only to AGSLs, but instead talks about the Group’s ‘management team’.

Top tips:

  • Is the volunteer comfortable with the reviewer and vice versa?
  • Could the volunteer have a choice of reviewer?
  • A checklist and shadowing of reviews could help ensure that reviews are consistent across the team.
  • Agreement on process, locations, recording notes, and actions can help consistency.
  • Could AGSLs be tasked with the line management of a section to enable relationships to be built? – This will aid reviews to be as useful as possible for both parties.

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