New GSL – appointment reviews

When a new Group Scout Leader (GSL) starts in role, whether they have been appointed from within the Group or from outside of Scouting, it is important for them to start building relationships with their leader team to quickly gain an understanding of where the team is in terms of training, experience, and commitment.

Appointment Reviews
A/R formInformal reviewFormal reviewNew leader
Minor concernsGreater concerns
New GSLLarge teams
Experienced leader

Leaving a roleUseful tips

Within the GSL induction, it’s urged each new GSL should undertake one-to-one Meetings with their leader team within the first six months in role. These are invaluable to gauging where strengths or any pressure points may lie as well as helping identify priorities for the Group.

In preparation for these informal reviews, it is helpful to:

  • read notes of previous reviews to highlight areas to focus on;
  • use Compass records to understand the level of experience and training history of all adult volunteers in the Group – this enables follow-up where mandatory training is out of date or will need refreshing;
  • keep an eye on Disclosure & Barring Service (DBS) expiry dates;
  • agree a formal appointment review date for volunteers where one does not exist or is out of date – explain this is important to decide whether the appointment is renewed, reassigned, or retired.

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