Useful tips – appointment reviews

Whether undertaking an informal or formal review – there are some common ways to conduct a review. The following tips can help put the volunteer at ease and initiate a discussion that will be helpful in the long term.

Appointment Reviews
A/R formInformal reviewFormal reviewNew leader
Minor concernsGreater concerns
New GSLLarge teams
Experienced leader

Leaving a roleUseful tips
  1. Give the volunteer good notice that a review is to be arranged; what the purpose is; and what topics will be covered. Promptly answer queries to reassure any concerns.
  2. Arrange the review on a date, time, and at location that works for the volunteer and volunteer manager and is suitable for the tone of the review.
  3. Have information on training, records, achievements, and issues to hand.
  4. Use open questions to encourage discussion.
  5. Plan for different outcomes with possible actions and timescales.
  6. Thank the volunteer for their time and work to date, regardless of the outcome of the review.

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