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A formal review generally takes place at the end of a volunteer’s agreed appointment period, although a review can be arranged mid-appointment to deal with a serious concern or change in circumstance.

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An appointment review is held to confirm, whether:

  • renewing the appointment;
  • moving to another role;
  • retiring from Scouting.

In the case of an appointment review being called to deal with greater concerns, the line manager should inform their District Commissioner (DC). Advice should be sought in advance on how to manage this.

How, where, when?


When inviting the volunteer for a formal review, it can be helpful to send a copy of the Appointment Review Form so they know what to expect. If the review is at the end of the appointment period, let them know the purpose of the review and that it is standard procedure. If the review has been called at short notice, it is best to summarise the reason ahead of the review.

During a formal appointment review both parties should have the opportunity to express their views. The kind of questions that can be discussed are:

  1. Are you happy in your current role?
  2. What achievements are you proud of and what challenges have you faced in your role?
  3. How have you progressed with your training (is any mandatory training outstanding)?
  4. What support would you like to have going forward?
  5. Do you wish to continue in your role or would your expertise be best used in another role?
  6. Do you wish to consider taking a break or retiring from Scouting?


Dependent on the reason for calling a formal review, the location should be chosen with thought as to what is going to be discussed. Is privacy needed for sensitivity around the issue and how the person might react?

If you have a good relationship with the volunteer, have been meeting regularly, and have no serious issues to raise, then you may consider a public place such as a coffee shop or pub is more suitable.


Volunteers should be given three months notice of their formal review date if taking place at the end of the appointment period. However, if the review is called mid-appointment then two weeks notice is required unless in exceptional circumstances.

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