New leader – appointment reviews

When a new leader has been in role for around six months it is important for the appointment review process to begin and to ensure volunteers understand expectations; are aligned in terms of goals and priorities; and have the opportunity to feedback one-to-one to their volunteer manager.

Appointment Reviews
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It is best practice to have an informal review (catch-up) with each new volunteer after they have been in post for around six months.

Annual informal reviews should then be scheduled, alongside other more frequent communication channels, to provide regular opportunities for support. The formal review date for the end of a volunteer’s agreed appointment period should be recorded on Compass for no more than five years from the start of their appointment.

Possible areas to cover at informal reviews are:

  • Have they completed their mandatory training and are at FULL on their Compass record?
  • Have they completed their Induction and are confident on where to access information and support for their role?
  • Do they need any additional support, eg: with Online Scout Manager (OSM), programme planning, risk assessments, etc?
  • Where do they feel most or least confident in performing their role?
  • Would they benefit from teaming up with a local Group to shadow?
  • Do they have any queries regarding safeguarding, safety, etc?
  • What resources, training, support would they like going forward?

The volunteer journey helpfully outlines the process for a new volunteer and how to make them feel welcome and supported. Our induction handbook also gives them information on where to find support and resources.

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