Appointment Reviews

People perform best in their roles, if they have the opportunity to discuss how they are doing; what support is needed and where they can best contribute in the future.

Appointment Reviews
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Our volunteers are no different and it is important we take the time to get to know them, what they enjoy and the challenges they may face.

A personal review gives your volunteer the opportunity to feedback, feel listened to and valued, ask for help or advice and escalate issues. As a volunteer line manager it gives you the opportunity to have foresight of any upcoming opportunities or threats, thank them and build a stronger relationship. 

In Scouting, a review is simply an opportunity to look at what has happened since they started in their role, or since their last review, and to see what further support and guidance they might need. It should not be confused with the performance appraisals that many people have experienced at work.

Reviews can be both formal and informal, depending on the reason the review has been called and the stage the volunteer is at in the course of their appointment.

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