10. Supporting you

Simply put, without people like you, Scouting wouldn’t exist and we want to provide you with as much support as we possibly can.

There is a wealth of Scouting experience across Berkshire and in the UK that you can tap into, as well as resources and tools that will help you on your adventure. We have compiled some of the best places to find support here:


In your Group: Your first port of call for any queries or concerns during your induction should be your volunteer line manager and/or induction mentor. Other members of your Group were all new to Scouting once and will be able to offer advice and information and signpost you to resources.

In your District: Your District will have an Assistant District Commissioner (ADC) dedicated to helping your section and volunteers such as yourself. They usually arrange termly Meetings for section leaders as well as some events to help you run an exciting and varied programme and keep up to date with training and county initiatives and events. Ask your Group Scout Leader (GSL) for details of ADC Meetings. Also ask to be put in contact with other Section leaders in the district to find out what they do and share ideas.


There are a number of resources online which are a source of support:

Online Scout Manager:  a section and Group administrative tool. Please ask your GSL for login details for your section. There are online help tools and a facebook page with tips.

Compass:  The Scout Association volunteer database. Please keep your personal information up to date and set your communication preferences to ensure you receive the Berkshire Scouts and The Scout Association emails/newsletters. Please ask your GSL for your membership number in order to login.

The Scout Association: explore the website for the section programme planning tool and activity ideas. The Scout Association policy, organisation and rules document (PO&R).

Berkshire Scouts:  explore the website for up to date information on local activities, events and initiatives.

Social media:  The Scout Association, your District and other Scouting Groups have a social media presence that can be really helpful for ideas and information. Links for Berkshire Facebook groups:

The Brand Centre:  find print and digital resources to support your section.

The Scout Shop: Find out if there is a Scout Shop local to your Group as your purchases will help fundraise for your Group.  If not, the Scout Shop online sells Scouting uniform and resources.

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