Bang goes the theory with Windsor Beavers

7th Windsor (Old Windsor) Beaver Scouts got into spirit of British Science Week with a series of inventive and informative challenges working towards the Experiment Activity Badge.

Over three weeks, the Beavers have been led by mad scientist leaders – complete with fetching wig and coat – performing impressive demonstrations. The Beavers have also been hands-on with different tasks from creating their own torches, making erupting volcanoes and tricking themselves with mind-bending optical illusions.

Mad science at 7th Windsor Beavers (Old Windsor)

What happens when you place a lit firelighter into a bowl of bubbles? Assistant Beaver Scout Leader Dave Wood (aka Wombat) was on hand to explain! “The Beavers all said either the air in the bubbles would blow out the flame or the water would douse it. Whoosh! The huge ball of flame surprised them!”

The Beavers were also amazed when a balloon failed to burst when a large needle was inserted into it. “We showed how this worked by marking felt pen on different parts of the balloon and inflating it, showing where the rubber is stretched the tightest,” said Wombat. “Passing the oiled needle through the neck, where the rubber is thick, makes a seal around the needle preventing it popping. We also showed them how to lift up a cup single handed with a balloon, without using the handle.”

Magic balloon trickery

He added: “Watching their faces as I performed the demonstrations was priceless! Seeing them understand how electric circuits and switches worked was great too – and getting them to think about other sources of energy, such as solar, hand generators (and potatoes!) was timely and fascinating.”

Beaver Scout Leader Emma Wood (aka Woody) added: “The Beavers really engaged with everything. I ran the optical illusion base and they loved seeing how their eyes played tricks on them. They liked making their own illusion to take home.”

Beavers making their own torches during British Science Week

What the Beavers said:

“I took my torch to bed, it’s brilliant” – Zak

“Make the flames again – I could feel the heat from miles away” – James

“My model was just like a real volcano, but not as hot.” Adem

“Seeing the needle go through the balloon was like magic. But I understand how it worked now.” – Charlie

“Seeing the water and bubbles burst into flames was really cool. And hot.” – Feli



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