Website Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a few common problems that people have come up against, including pointers on how to go about resolving them. If you have others, please contact the Web team.


How do I login? I don't know my password?

To login, use the Members Login box on the right hand side of using your email address and password. If you don't know your password, click here to enter your email address to be sent a new temporary password. 


How do I register a new account?

Logins are now linked to the national membership database at You must have an active role within Berkshire, and an email address registered at to login here. If you are active within Berkshire Scouts, please add your email address to the national membership database (MMS) at and you will automatically receive a login within one week.

How do I book on a training course?

You need to login to book a training course. Once you have logged in, you will see your Member Tools box. Below this is the Coming up in Berkshire box with a full listing of all diary entries. You can click the dark purple bar to see the full diary.

To book onto a course, simply click on its name in the list. Many of your personal details will be filled in for you, then please provide the information in each field to make your booking. When you complete the booking you will receive an email confirmation.

Where do I get help from?

If you have any questions or comments about using the site, registering, logging in or booking onto training courses, please get in touch with the web team. On the right hand side of each page is a purple tab - your email will be sent to the web team for them to get back in touch with you.

I can't find documents such as the County Directory and CEC Minutes . . .

Some documents are not available to the general public and so you need to logon and find this kind of document under Secure File Storage.

Where can I find and download photographs of Berkshire Scout activities . . .

Photographs are kept in the Gallery (accessed via the Media Centre tab). You must be logged in to download photographs. These photographs are provided to be used for legitimate scouting reasons. If you have a query please contact us.





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