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Uganda 2015

On Sunday 26th July, 67 Explorer Scouts and leaders from across Berkshire gathered at London Heathrow
ready for the long journey to Uganda (via Dubai). Two leaders had already left for Uganda the week
before to carry out some preparations ready for the main party to arrive.

Berkshire Scouts planned and trained for just over a year to take part in the second international
community project in Uganda. The projects in 2015 were established through Soft Power Education and
took place at two rural primary schools in Jinja District. The Butagaya Primary School and the Iwololo
Primary School
were approximately a 45 minute drive apart and each school had a population of

1,000-plus school children.

On arrival in Uganda the first night was spent at Nile River Camp just outside the town of Jinja. This was
an opportunity to rest following the long journey from the UK. The final leg of the journey to the schools
to set up camp, and prepare for work, took place the next day. 

above - breakfast at Nile River Camp, Jinja

Work soon started at both Butagaya and Iwololo schools. School children were still in lessons and so there
was lots of contact with local children. At Butagaya a derelict classroom block had been demolished ready
for Berkshire Scouts to lay the foundations for a new block. This meant lots of heavy manual work! 

above - school children at Butagaya and ground work gets underway

The groundwork was followed by mixing concrete for the base with a chain of Scouts moving the concrete
from the mixing area to the building. Bricks for the building were made by hand at both the schools.

above - top left: the final brick in place for the foundations; right: moving concrete;
bottom left: making bricks by hand; right: mixing tonnes of concrete

Following completion of the foundations and concrete base there was time to start laying a few bricks for
the walls. Funding was provided so the local builders will complete the classroom block.

above - concrete base was completed and the main brickwork started

Berkshire Scouts provided the funding (approximately £27,000) for the project work at both schools.
The funding will ensure the buildings are completed and ready for use by local school children. The
photographs below show the Butagaya classroom block early October 2015.

above - latest photographs of the Butagaya classroom block

After 8 days Berkshire Scouts swapped school sites so that all Scouts could experience time and work
at both schools, ie: the Scouts spent a total of 16 days working on both project sites.

above - group photograph taken on changeover day

Work at Iwololo was more varied than that at Butagaya. This included painting x7 existing classrooms
internally as well as externally. Painting internal walls included educational artwork used for teaching.

above - painting at Iwololo

Work at Iwololo also involved building a new teacher accommodation block (which also included brick-
making). Berkshire Scouts also funded a replacement roof for an existing teacher accommodation block.

above - top left: making bricks by hand; right: building the new accommodation block;
bottom left: almost completed accommodation block; right: new roof for existing accommodation block
note: a photograph of the completed new teacher accommodation block will be upload when available

After 16 days of working at Butagaya and Iwololo primary schools Berkshire Scouts made the long
journey north to Murchison National Park.

above - the convoy of safari minibuses to Murchison National Park

The last few days in Uganda were spent touring Murchison National Park. This included a river trip;
walking up to the Falls; and a game drive.

above - top left: Murchison Falls; right: river crossing to the game reserve;
bottom: some of the wildlife in Murchison game reserve

The Bukeka Brass Band welcomes Berkshire Scouts to the Enro Hotel, Mityana, for the last night in Uganda.

above: the Bukeka Brass Band originates from the Bukeka Children's Centre - the Centre has been
supported by Berkshire Scouts since their visit in 2011


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