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Organised events news!

World Scout Jamboree- 22 July-2 August 2019, West Virginia, USA Applications  now open for participants!

The Jamboree is coming to a scout hut near you!


Selection for young people to join our two Berkshire Units has commenced! Start sharing the information and sowing the seed for this amazing international event with your Scouts and younger Explorers, born after 22nd July 2001 and before 21st July 2005.

We will be visiting every District in the County to meet Scouts, Explorers and Young leaders and their parents and guardians to give them the latest information about the event and answer their questions. They will also be able to meet former participants. Pick the date that suits your schedule!

Roadshow Calendar

Date Time District Venue
10-Sep 19:00 Pang Valley 79th Reading Scout Hut
11-Sep 20:30 Pang Valley 1st Burghfield and Sulhamstead Scout Hut
13-Sep 19:30 Kennet 1st Wash Common Scout hut 
18-Sep 20:00 Taceham 1st Thatcham St Mary's Scout Group
19-Sep 19:45 South Berks  1st Sanduhurst Scout Hut
21-Sep 19:45 South Berks  1st Easthampstead Scout Hut
24-Sep 19:30 Loddon Christ Church Woodley
26-Sep 20:00 Wokingham 1st Wooshill Scout Hut
29-Sep 20:00 Maidenhead
04-Oct 20:00 South East Berks 1st Ascot Scout Hut
05-Oct 20:00 Reading Central 52nd Reading Scout Hut
05-Oct 20:00 Slough 3rd Upton Scout Hut
09-Oct 20:00 Maidenhead Cox Green Scout Hut
10-Oct 20:00 Windsor &Eton 2nd Datchet Scout HQ

Find more details and reminder on:

Twitter: @Berks_WSJ2019
Facebook: Berks_WSJ2019


Application process:

Before you start filling in the application, make sure you are available for the
weekend of the 18-19 November!

  1. Make sure you have all the information you need about the Jamboree and you understand the commitments involved by attending a Roadshow.
  2. Fill in the quick questionnaire on this page; it will help us to get to know you better. There is a variety of ways to answer, not much writing, we promise! 
  3. We will  contact you with Jamboree updates and the details for our fun selection weekend. This will be a fun event, an opportunity to meet other scouts from Berkshire and offer a range of scouting activities, some familiar and some will be a discovery.The campsite has a limited capacity so we might have to proceed to a pre-selection. All applicants will be contacted after the closing date which is the 31st October 2017.


  • You need to be at the Selection weekend! You have to be in it to win it!
  • The fee for the event is unknown at the moment, but as a guideline, the 2015 Jamboree in Japan cost £3500.

International Service Team: The event cannot be a success without a team of volunteers. If you were born after before the 22nd July 2001, you can register your interest on the UK contingent webpage.

Your International scouting journey can take many paths: District events, Project Africa, organised camps in the UK and abroad, these can also be an option in 2019 and other years.  Whichever road you decide to travel, let us know at international@berkshirescouts.org.uk and we will help it make it happen!

For more information on the Jamboree, have a look at the:
WSJ2019 webpage
You can contact the Jamboree team with your questions at:


Roverway 2018: Opposites Attract,  Netherlands

Looking for 6-8 adventurous members for our Berkshire patrol!

Are you looking for an amazing experience for 2018?  Look no further, Roverway is for you! Roverway is the link between the Jamboree and the Moot, a camp without leaders, but with a small group of people you know to join a truly international event for more than 3000 scouts from Europe and beyond!


Roverway 2018 is an incredible European adventure for all 16 – 22 year olds at the time of the event.  The next event will be hosted by Scouting Nederland and organised by the European Scout Region of the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM) and World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS).

When and where?

From 23 July to 2 August 2018, it will take place in the Netherlands. Over 3,000 participants (aged 16 – 22) from over twenty countries will participate in Roverway.


You need to be between 16-22 and you need to be confident and quite independent as you will be travelling between countries and sites, meeting lots of people form different backgrounds.

How does it work?

The participants will be divided into county UK Patrols of 6-8 ahead of the event. They will be encouraged to meet regularly, take part in practice camps and gain camping skills in addition to a Nights Away permit for Patrol Leaders.  The 5-6 patrols from different countries will join together to form a tribe of around 50 people.


There will be pre event activities in Amsterdam, a big opening in The Hague, 5 days on a path of their choosing (paths have different themes eg culture, outdoor etc) and 5 days at a Jamboree style central camp at the International Scout & Guide Centre, Zeewolde. 


There are 2 options to choose from, travel included £995 or you organised your own way to the Netherlands for £830. Both options include a pre-event in Amsterdam, camp, insurance, briefing weekend, contingent kit and transfer during the camp.

Opportunities for those over 22 years of age

There is also an opportunity for those aged 23+ to go as IST (International Service Team).  There will be a national recruitment campaign for these positions, opening in June.

Our Berkshire patrol will be part of the UK contingent. You can find more details about the event on the UK contingent webpage and the Roveway 2018 website.

Considering it? Register your interest on the form below before the 18th July and we will  arrange an get-together in the summer to share the latest information, costs and applications. 

Registration of interest



 World Scout Moot- 25 July 2017

We have more than 25 Berkshire Scouts members going to the Moot as participants or IST( International Support Team) 

There is an Iceland-in-a-box programme available to run an evening on Iceland and the Moot. Invite them over to share their experience so far and experience when they come back. To know who in your District is going, contact your District Commissioner. 

International Camps in the UK
National and regional Jamborees abroad


Scout Centre of the month


14th of June is World Blood Donor Day

Blood connects us all

Donating blood is a generous act which can save lives, young and old, here and everywhere. By raising awerness with our YPs, they have the power to convince adults to join and have information to make their own decision when they reach the age. 

With videos and activities for young people, it is a programme idea which can see you get involved locally by making Thank You cards for donors, promoting a local donation with your group members and discussing blood borne diseases or finding your own blood type.  

For many african scout groups blood donation, education on blood borne diseases and visiting hospital is part of the programme. 

Travel Agencies for Scout groups



PJL group holidays

Venture Abroad


Get your Visits Abroad pack

Your first step to taking Young people abroad (after having the idea ) is to request a Visits Abroad pack. This will give you valuable advice and check list to help you along this process. 

Visits Abroad pack


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